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Book Review: Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.3.x

When asked to review the new edition of Marc Deslisle's book Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.3.X for Effective MySQL Management, I said yes, as I already liked one of the previous editions a lot. Again I was surprised, how good the book is.

In addition to some rewritten chapters and parts, completely new aspects of phpMyAdmin are introduced compared to the 3.1 edition. This includes complete new chapters covering the new data and structure syncronization, replication features and change tracking features of phpMyAdmin 3.3.

Even if you already own a previous edition of this book, you should consider buying the new edition, as it has been improved in many different aspects.

Posted Feb 13, 2011 by Sebastian Nohn
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Dear Monty,

I've found a great comic regarding the Oracle-Sun-MySQL deal. By the way, where did you get my e-mail address from to spam me?

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Book Review: Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.1

Please note: I also reviewed a newer edition of this book.

I've been using phpMyAdmin since... Hmmm... Well... The times before I used to code in PHP. So when offered to review Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.1 by Marc Deslisle, I didn't expected to learn anything new, but I was bwrong.

The book is full of information for all kinds of users from beginner to professional. I only gallopped through the first chapters covering setup, basic usage etc. while luckily not covering basic SQL topics, so if you are new to phpMyAdmin and know basic SQL, this book may be the right one for you. Since phpMyAdmin has evolved in the last years and is still evolving, also the experienced user may find something new here.

About one third of the 326 pages cover advanced topics like the SQL validator, advanced bookmarking or the database documentation generator Although I've been using phpMyAdmin for years now, some of the covered topics were new to me and my fellow reviewers.

If you are new to phpMyAdmin, you should buy this book. Even if you are using phpMyAdmin since some years, you may find Mastering phpMyAdmin useful.

Posted Jul 10, 2009 by Sebastian Nohn
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MySQL & Skoll DCQA

On GTAC 2006 (which was called LTAC in those days), I met Adam Porter, professor at UMD and heard his talk about his project Skoll. Skoll is a system for continuously assuring the quality of software under different configurations while intelligently choosing which to run and thus basically saving time. Amazing stuff!

During that time, MySQL was looking for an easy way to integrate more people from their community into their QA process and started the MySQL Build Farm Initiative. Adam was searching for open source projects to demonstrate his technology on. So I brought them together.

This year's GTAC, UMD and MySQL launched the first beta of that project. Anyone running some UNIX-Flavour can and is encouraged to participate by running the Skoll community client. Now that the conference is over for some weeks, the first results are available.

tree map for a particular test

Posted Nov 01, 2007 by Sebastian Nohn
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