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First impressions of Ubuntu Linux on the ASUS Zenbook UX305LA-FC013H

After nearly 15 years of constant ThinkPad ownership (600E, T43p, T420; I still own the T43p and T420 and both still work like a charm), I bought myself an ASUS ZenBook UX305LA now. A Core i7 with Full HD resolution, 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD for a little less than 1100 EUR seemed like a way better deal than a comparable ThinkPad X250 for double the price. After using it for a few hours now with Ubuntu 14.04, here my first impressions:

It's slim and light (although it weighs a little more than 1300g, not a little less than 1200g as advertised). The body feels a little less stable than my Thinkpad ones. I looks like metal, but it feels like plastic, so I guess unlike advertised, the material IS plastic. The keyboard is crap compared to Thinkpad keyboards. Both feel and layout suck:

Ubuntu installed without significants problems. Everything works out of the box except these:

Speaking of the touchpad, that kind of sucks too: It's very big and very close to the keyboard, so very often, I accidently touch it while typing, which repositions the cursor and boom... I fixed that with some xinput magic.

It boots very fast and wakes up from suspend very fast. The speed is comparable to a Chromebook, which surprised me a lot. When on battery, I reports between 10 and 8 hours remaining during normal usage (Chrome, Thunderbird, Emacs and some terminals which is not the claimed 12 hours, but way more than my Thinkpad does. The battery can't be replaced by the owner, which is on the one hand a pitty on the other hand, I guess the keyboard will live shorter than the battery considering my keystroke speed and hardness.

Posted Aug 07, 2015 by Sebastian Nohn
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